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This autumn sees the launch of the Young London Print Prize. This is a collaboration between Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair and Boldface, with generous support from Peabody and the Arts Council.

This new Prize champions the ability of young people to engage in their own personal artistic practice. It bridges the gap between compulsory education and the contemporary art world by directly involving young artists and printmakers within it.

Right now, art history and the contemporary art world do not remotely reflect the breadth of race and gender you see in the school children of London - we aim to redress this.

Each year, we co-design the programme with schools to ensure it reflects the latest social issues and curriculum needs. We start by running free sessions of teacher training to enhance the skills and aspirations of art teachers and explain the awards process.

Then, during the autumn term, we offer free in-school workshops. These help pupils learn how to make different kinds of prints and prepare to submit their work for the Prize. We also identify a group of a dozen young adults to judge the entries, learn about a career in the arts, and curate this element of Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair.

The Fair itself takes place this year online from 12 November – 13 December, showcasing not just world-renowned artists but also 14 award winners from this Prize. Every submission to the Young London Print Prize is also captured in a book, so that we start to elevate art education and the role of young artists from all kinds of backgrounds into the mainstream conversation about the history of contemporary art.

To get involved or find out more, contact

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